Chocolate Fundraiser

DATE: April 22-May 24, 2019


Value Village FunDrive

DATE: March 4-April 4, 2019



               Squirrels’ Nest as a non-profit organization with charitable status, relies on annual fundraisers to purchase items/equipment that are not included in our annual budget.




This year, along with our 3rd Annual Chocolate Fundraiser in May, we will be trying something different!




                Spring is quickly approaching and so will be the start of Spring cleaning season. On March 4th, we will be partnering with Value Village, Second Hand Used Clothing Store, to collect donations of clothing, shoes, toys, etc. Each family will receive a flyer with 3 garbage bags attached. Storage is limited at the Centre, so once your bags are full, bring them in, and we will bring you to our storage locker across the street.If you require more bags just let us know. On April 4th the items donated will be delivered and weighed at Value Village and we will receive their monetary value in return.



                As an incentive for your participation, a prize will be awarded to the family who donates the most bags and/or other items.                

Squirrels' Nest Child Care Centre's - 25th Anniversary Celebration

DATE: AUGUST 14, 2020 - TIME: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM