Child Care Staff

The Squirrels’ Nest is an equal opportunity employer that aims to select the best qualified individuals for each position.


Employee requirements are as follows:

·  ECE and or ECA Diploma or Degree or Equivalent Qualifications

 ·  RECE Designation in Good Standing (If Applicable)

 ·  Criminal Reference Check (Updated Every 5 Years)

 ·   Immunization Record & TB Test  

 ·   Health Assessment (Healthy to Work in Child Care)

 ·   First Aid/CPR C Certificate (CCEYA Requirement Every 3 Years)


All employees of the Squirrels’ Nest must adhere to the College of Early Child Education (CECE) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Centre Policies and Procedures, the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) Regulations and Public Health and Fire Regulations.  An annual review of these policies and procedures ensures that our staff are knowledgeable and are prepared to handle any situation.