Medication Administering Policy

All prescribed and non-prescribed medications will be administered by RECE’s.


Medication for your child must be prescribed by a physician.  All prescribed medication must be in the original container with the pharmacy label that clearly states the medication name, child’s name, administering amount and the date of the prescription.


Parents are required to complete and sign a Medication Administration Consent Form to allow for the administration of all medications. 


IMPORTANT NOTE Non-Prescribed Medication Administration Exception – for Benadryl (allergies) and children’s Tylenol, Advil, Tempura, and Aspirin (fever’s only).  These medications must be accompanied with a doctor’s note which must clearly state that the staff at the Squirrels’ Nest can administer the above non-prescription medication for allergies or fevers only and will follow the dosage amount as indicated on the box and/or container. 


All medications will be administered once daily. You are responsible for any other doses required. For example, if your child needs antibiotics three times a day, you must administer the morning and evening doses. The RECE will administer the midday dose. Asthma medication is the only exception to this rule.


Asthma is a life-threatening illness inhalers will be administered as needed or as required.


All medications will be kept in a locked medicine box, except for Epi-pen, inhalers, and all other required medications for severe life threatening illnesses. (For example, a needle required to check insulin levels for a diabetic).


Severe life threatening illness medications can be carried on child with written permission by physician and parent.  Action plan must be in place for symptoms to recognize and administration procedures. RECE and or child can administer these medications, staff are still responsible to oversee and record medication usage if administered by child. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot administer medication that has been prescribed for a previous illness (for example, pink eye).  Each new illness requires new prescribed medication in your child’s name.


HINT: Tell the pharmacist that your child attends daycare and ask that the medicine be divided into two bottles.  One bottle will be for home use the other will be left at child care.  Both bottles must be labeled.