Withdrawal Policy

The Squirrels’ Nest reserves the right to withdraw a family from the Centre for any of the following reasons:

  •  Workplace violence or harassment by parent towards staff, another parent or child
  • Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct.
  • Space not available for your child to graduate to the next age group
  • Child reaches age maximum in School Age program.
  • Non-payment of child care fees
  • Numerous late pick-ups

Withdrawals for Challenging Children

The Squirrels’ Nest ultimate goal is the continued care for all children in an environment that is safe for the children and staff.


In this case, the following withdrawal procedure will apply:

  1.   If family refuses outside support assistance (not signing the initial permission form)
  2. Parent has signed permission form but refuses to support or follow through with the strategies that have been put in place to provide the necessary guidance and support for their child.
  3. All resources have been exhausted and the behaviour persists or escalates.

The Centre management will inform the Board of Director’s and Toronto Children’s Services Centre Consultant that notice of withdrawal will be given to the family.


The parents will receive written notice of withdrawal and the Resource Consultants will assist the family in locating alternate care.

Withdrawal Notice from Family

Parents are required to provide 30 days’ written withdrawal notice.