Arrival & Pick Up Policy

Attendance Policy

The Squirrels' Nest has a strict attendance policy, and we take every measure to ensure your child's safety which includes knowing where they are at all times.  We request that upon your arrival at the Centre, and regardless if you are dropping off or picking up your child you must ensure that you greet the room teachers. This lets us know that your child is in the room and now in our care or has left and a formal hand off has occurred.

Arriving in the Morning

Make sure you fill in the communication board indicating who is picking up your child, the pickup time, and any other pertinent information about your child. 


You should arrive by 9:00 a.m. to ensure that your child participates in the full day of planned activities and events.


 If your child will be arriving later in the day, please inform your child’s room teacher.  Due to Public Health Regulations, the Squirrels’ Nest will not provide lunch from 12:00 noon and after, please ensure that if you arrive after 12:00 noon your child has had lunch. Arrivals during sleep time (12:30pm-2:30pm) is not permitted due to the possibility of interrupting the classroom rest period.

Pick Up in the Afternoon

Due to the teacher/child ratios if you are going to be later than the time you indicated on the communication board, please call the Centre.


If you are unable to pick up your child, there are two scenarios that will occur:


1    If you know ahead of time that you will not be picking up your child, you must fill in the “Authorization for Pickup” form. We will not release your child to anyone unless you authorize it.


2    If you do not know ahead of time, you must call the Centre before the schedule pickup time and the pickup person must sign the “Authorization for Pickup” form.


Note: The authorized pickup person is someone not already on the emergency names list.

If your pickup person is travelling by car, please remind him/her to bring an age-appropriate car seat. Or one can be left at the Centre by the parent.  By law, car seats are required. If leaving a car seat at the Centre for a pick-up person please ensure that it’s labelled with your child’s name.


The pickup person must be 16 years old and must provide photo identification. The following identification must be presented to the closing staff:


· Driver's License                                                              

· Passport and or Health Card