Inclusion Policy

Mission Statement for Inclusion

The Squirrels’ Nest is committed to providing high quality care to children and their families with the guidance of experienced Child Care Educators in an environment that is safe and supports inclusion and committed to treating all children with respect and dignity.


The definition of inclusion is ‘to include, to hold, embrace, involve, to count among”.


Our belief is that all children including children with special needs can develop to their fullest potential by being given the fundamental right to participate in an inclusive program that delivers service equity, is barrier-free, bias free and provides cultural and racial harmony through the celebration of diversity.


In partnership with the families we are committed to meeting each child’s unique needs.

Additional Outside Support

The Squirrels’ Nest is committed to working with Community Agencies to enhance our ability to provide additional support to children with special needs through guidance, training, development of strategies and consultation.


Signed parental consent is required for a Resource Consultant to assist the staff.


Staff, parents, and the agency representative will meet to discuss additional strategies and an action plan is developed within a time frame. Regular meetings will be conducted to review the progress and revisit the goals and strategies.

Consent for the Release of Information

The legal and ethical practice of the Squirrels' Nest Child Care Centre is to obtain parental signed consent prior to the sharing of confidential information.


Parental consent of information sharing gives parental authority to grant permission for the Squirrels' Nest Child Care Centre management and/or staff to share relevant information with other professionals regarding their child for a specific purpose.  For example, educational planning, service coordination and/or service provisions. 


Specific information to be disclosed are included but not limited are identified as attendance, psychological, psychiatric, occupational therapy, medical, custodial, illness, immunization, behaviour, social work and/or speech-language.  Parents and legal guardians have the right to determine which pieces of information can be released, except when required by law. 


Who the information is being released to is identified as the Child Care, CAS, TDSB, and TCDSB, Family support programs, Ministry of Education and agencies and/or individuals who will be in receipt of information.  


Parents will be informed immediately by management when information sharing and/or a release have occurred.  Documentation of disclosure will be indicated in child’s file.